The Female Connection is sustained through a tiered sponsorship system from companies and a modest fee for participants.

Tiered Sponsorship System

The tiered structure allows local companies to choose from various levels, each corresponding to a different grade of sponsorship based on the amount donated. This tiered approach allows companies to select a sponsorship level aligned with their contribution, offering a range of benefits and recognition, ultimately fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Benefits of Sponsorship

Given your company’s location in Esbjerg and its appreciation for our local community, sponsoring our initiative could be a natural fit. Your support not only contributes to our cause but also fosters a sense of belonging among the women in our community and their families, encouraging them to remain in Esbjerg. This, in turn, ensures stability for your company by retaining skilled individuals and minimizing turnover.

Sponsorship Levels

With additional advantages


BASIC is the default level for contributing to our cause on an activity-by-activity basis.

For more on this, see the Activity-based Sponsorship toggle below.

Once your contributions reach a total of 25.000 DKK/year, you become a BRONZE sponsor.

We recommend going for BRONZE right away. Why?

The best way to become a SILVER sponsor is by purchasing a Yearly Sponsorship package.

Sponsorship Details


Activity-based Sponsorship

Companies have the option to sponsor a specific activity either in full or in part. These activities typically include the following components:

  • Activity Fee: The Female Connection collaborates with local entrepreneurs to support activities, compensating them at their standard rate.
  • Refreshments: Snacks and drinks are provided to create a social atmosphere for participants after the activity. If not included in the activity fee, The Female Connection seeks sponsorship from local food and beverage suppliers, offering them the opportunity to showcase their products.

Sponsors can opt to sponsor the entire activity or contribute to specific components. If only a portion is sponsored, The Female Connection will find a suitable co-sponsor.

Note: Shared sponsorship means shared benefits, such as joint mentions on social media.

Yearly Sponsorship

Companies may choose to support The Female Connection on an annual basis. Sponsorship funds will be allocated towards:

  • Concept & business development and administrative tasks
  • Licenses, training, and other external costs
  • The Ambassador program
  • Marketing efforts

Sponsors may select which category they wish to support financially.

Tailor-made Sponsorship

As The Female Connection is in its early stages, we offer customizable sponsorship options tailored to your needs. We’re open to discussing your needs and requests, provided they align with our mission and vision.


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