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At The Female Connection, we believe in the strength of women uplifting each other. Our community thrives on empowerment, connection, and growth, with our ambassadors serving as the heartbeat of our mission.

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Why Ambassadors Matter

Ambassadors are not just members—they’re mentors, leaders, and champions of change. They embody inclusivity, kindness, and empowerment, guiding and supporting every woman who joins our community.

As mentors, our ambassadors offer guidance, wisdom, and support, empowering others to navigate their journeys effectively. Whether sharing personal insights, offering advice, or providing a listening ear, they’re there every step of the way.

As leaders, they set the tone, fostering an environment of respect, collaboration, and positivity. They inspire others to embrace authenticity, pursue passions, and strive for excellence.

Ambassador Responsibilities

As ambassadors, you shape our community experience and foster inclusivity.

1. Mentorship Role

  • Guide 1-3 assigned members, offering support and encouragement.
  • Conduct regular check-ins to address challenges and provide constructive feedback.

2. Welcoming New Members

  • Extend warm welcomes, aiding new members in feeling valued and connected.
  • Assist with platform navigation and resource engagement.

3. Community Engagement

Attend at least one community activity monthly, actively participating in discussions and initiatives.

4. Facilitation of Discussions

Lead engaging discussions, promoting diverse perspectives and a supportive atmosphere.

5. Brainstorming Events or Workshops

Collaborate on event ideas aligning with community interests and needs.

6. Promotion of Inclusivity

Champion diversity, fostering acceptance, and addressing any exclusions proactively.

Ambassador Benefits

Joining our ambassador program offers numerous perks.

1. Mentorship Seminars

Through our free mentorship course you will get all the skills you need to feel confident in being able to make a positive change in other women’s lives.

2. Professional Development

Enhanced skills in communication, mentorship and leadership will have a positive impact in your life in general.

3. A Vast Network

Connect with a diverse, expanding network of women, who support each other in all aspects of life.

4. Visibility and Recognition

Esbjerg is still very much a man’s world. Gain recognition as a leader in women’s empowerment and community engagement.

5. Fight Loneliness Amongst Women

Make a difference that really makes a difference. By being an ambassador, you take active part in TFC’s fight against loneliness amongst women.

6. Swag & Perks

Access exclusive merchandise, event discounts and special rewards.

7. Professional References

You receive a certificate highlighting your mentorship role and contribution.

8. Opportunity of Growth

Explore personal and professional growth opportunities within the community.

Ambassador Benefits

Joining our ambassador program offers numerous perks.

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By clicking on the button below, send your application to Barbara. Please, share with us your background and vision for contributing.


For inquiries about the ambassador program or application process, contact Barbara Honselaar at

Thank you for being part of our community, and to our ambassadors, thank you for making it extraordinary. Let’s continue making a difference together!

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