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Welcome to The Female Connection (TFC), a non-profit organization dedicated to building a supportive community that brings together international and Danish women.


At The Female Connection, our mission is to cultivate a sense of belonging and meaningful connections among local and international women in Esbjerg. Through shared experiences, cultural exchange, and collaborative initiatives, we aim to create an inclusive environment where every woman feels at home, embraced by the strength of diverse connections.

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We envision Esbjerg as a welcoming and vibrant international community where connections among local and international women are central to its identity. Our ultimate goal is to reshape the city’s narrative, transitioning from outdated perceptions to becoming an inclusive and lively community. By establishing a lasting network inspired by the exceptional nature of the Wadden Sea, we strive to create a sense of belonging for women from diverse backgrounds, harmonizing with both the community of women and the city’s natural environment.

Founders’ Background

Meet the founders, Barbara and Liselotte.

Barbara Honselaar, Co-Founder of TFC

Barbara – The Engineer

From the Netherlands, injects a love for numbers into the team, creating order in chaos. As an engineer with experience in the international energy industry, her strength lies in optimizing processes. Barbara’s pragmatic “get the job done” approach ensures the efficient execution of our idea, bringing technical proficiency and strategic insights to the forefront.

Liselotte Krodal, Co-Founder of TFC

Liselotte – The Anthropologist

Brings a Danish cultural perspective, emphasizing aesthetics as a language of the senses. With a background in anthropology, she excels in building meaningful relations between people and has a passion for building communities. Her approach of “let’s talk about it” ensures that our idea is deeply rooted in understanding societal nuances and diverse cultural values.

Founding Story

The Female Connection was founded in 2024 but has been three years in the making. Liselotte had been exploring the idea of connecting nature and women for three years, and Barbara, who arrived in Denmark three years ago, received a not so warm welcome from the Danish community. After Liselotte pitched her idea to the women’s network within TotalEnergies, Barbara got interested, and they formed a dynamic team, conquering Esbjerg with their charm.

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